Thursday, February 17, 2011

where is my facebook??

ok to tell the truth its have been deactivate by my self..

isma y???

becouse i have a lot asgment n work..

dont give an excuse.. we too have a lot of asgment, may b more than u...

wait a moment.. let give a time to finish my word.. that i had to give a best result.. coz its 4 my mom.. 4 my future.. and ofcourse i have too because i am a yayasan N9 scholarships holder.. witch meant i have to be a dean list and i have to always in that list forever.. and ever..

actually.. something happen till i decide to deactivate my fb.. it hard too explain coz it not necessary  4 u all i think.. the most important is.. im the enemy hater witch meant i hate to hating people.. but i love to add my kuata every day to love people.. if i said i love fadhillah, nur syajulia, nik syairah, onna, mizah.. it doest mean i'm a lesbian ok.. itu namenyer kasih syg sesama umat dan kaumnyer ok.. clear mind ya dear.. 

n now what ur reason by putting that face???

erh tersalah upload la plak.. it's ok la.. ni kn blog sy.. ikut ske sy la..
sy mmg da jatoh hati dgn "camera".. pengakuan berani mati ni..

im always simple and single.. erh mcm silap taip je 2 dalyn..
i mean simple n silent.. ta daaa...
selamat beramal..

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